Genogram Analytics Software Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Smart, easy, and efficient construction of genograms and ecomaps Good diagrams improve productivity for therapists, students, and researchers. No erasers are needed! There is more time for thinking.
PC and MAC compatible Entire organization can use same application for consistency and interchangeability on either PC or MAC.
Standard symbols and schemas By conforming to McGoldrick (genograms) and Hartman (ecomaps), collaboration with colleagues is made easy.
Snapshot in time See changes in family dynamics on any given date.
Confidentiality Features are built in to hide sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
Comments User can add unlimited comments to genograms by date. Traumatic events are displayed in red.
Adopted and foster child movement Children can be followed from birth parents to foster and/or adoptive families .
Complex family situations Blended families, multiple partners, divorces, same sex relationships,and alternative living arrangements are readily created and documented.
Many predefined attributes such as heritage, education, occupation, income It is easy to collect family data and subsequently identify patterns within the family structure.
Unlimited creation of user-defined attributes User is able to define, display, and track any attribute.
Triangle relationships easily created and manipulated The triad is an important part of Bowen and other system theories.
Images for people and pets Added images can be used for emphasis or personal touch.
Customized displayable data Most data can be selectively displayed or hidden as necessary or usefulto highlight specific areas of interest or protect client confidentality.
Graphic controls include color, scaling, fonts, alignment, line width The highlighting of important information and optimization of layout provide clarity - leading to better assessments.
Genogram and Ecomap database Powerful for research!
Economical Steep discounts for educational use